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Welcome to Wilco Southwest

With over 50 years of experience and growth, Wilco Southwest has become one of Canada's premier landscape contractors. Services in project management and construction of parks, sports fields, environmental, landscape, and civil works has made Wilco a leader in civil and landscape construction.

Wilco Southwest is part of the Wilco group of companies which form the largest civil and landscape development group in Western Canada. Local ownership and management ensures that our focus remains on building a quality product and guaranteeing client satisfaction. We thrive on diversity and challenges and seek out projects that require a depth of experience and knowledge. Wilco Southwest is proud to be headquartered in Calgary, with branches in Saskatoon and Regina.

Recent News

May 14th

Wilco was recently awarded the construction of the New Brighton Regional Athletic Park, a $13 million dollar outdoor sports field complex including new parking lots, a washroom / changeroom facility, and regional pathways to connect to the community.

May 9th

Construction of Anniversary Park in Chestermere is progressing well, the concrete retaining walls and the beach system have all been completed, surface works and landscaping will continue through the summer, as well as construction of the washroom facility.

May 1st

Wilco has completed the instream portion of the Elbow River Flood Repair at the Stampede Grounds. Work will continue as we reconstruct the bank and rebuild the pathway through the area.