Our projects are all about making our communities a more beautiful place, but our practices ensure that we can achieve that goal while minimizing our environmental impact. Wilco is committed to efficient and environmentally sensitive construction methods. This goes beyond industry regulations and standards on erosion and sediment control, and involves planning and cooperation on all levels.

Environmental Services

  • Reduced idling time of heavy equipment and vehicles, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption
  • Maintaining the highest quality equipment, and constantly updating our fleet for the newest equipment and technology, limiting emissions and fluid leaks
  • Reducing water consumption by using slow release water bags on trees, directing water straight to the tree and limiting water loss to wind, evaporation, and spillage
  • Limiting construction material waste; including diverting waste from landfill, recycling materials where possible, chipping and composting of organic waste
  • Proactive use of non-hazardous fluids in heavy equipment when working around water bodies
  • Using locally sourced material wherever practical
  • Placing environmental protection in the hands of all employees and crew members
  • Silt fence and sock installation
  • Erosion blanket installation
  • Hydroseeding and tackifying, bonded fibre matrix applications
  • Ecoblanket and soil applications with our Blower Truck
  • Turbidity curtain installation and in-stream work, riprap installation, timber crib walls

Wilco is experienced with a variety of environmental work and controls, and can install or provide services on projects of any size:

  • Dewatering and water filtration/clarifying systems
  • Riparian restoration, live willow staking, aquatic planting and revegetation, wetland construction
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil and materials
  • Tree removals, clearing and grubbing, chipping and disposal, tree pruning and arborist consultation